Sunday, September 29, 2013

 Pollinators in Peril

Project Start and End date: 24th Jul 2013 to 25th Sept 2013
Subject : Science
Class: VII
Teacher: Rajasree V R
Team members: Pragya, Kulsoom Saba, Anwesha Mohapatra and Aditi

Overview of the project:
Pollinators are important agents which play a crucial role in the crop production of a particular area. The productivity of crops is directly proportional to the number of pollinators like honey bees and bumble bees .This project is an attempt to make children aware of these small insects in our life .This study shows and how the changes in the environment changes the number of pollinators. This also makes them aware of the need of plants especially the flowering plants around our houses and near our crop fields.

Students were asked to do a project on pollinators using Alice. Students had to use various objects, procedures in Alice to set up the scene according to the situation. This project showcases the the importance of ICT especially software like Alice in teaching and learning science.

Learning objectives:
Subject Learning objectives
   1.Understand the importance of pollinators in  
       an ecosystem
   2.Conduct survey efficiently
   3. Analyse the data collected.
   4. Draw conclusion about the relation ship of   
       pollinators and crop production.

Alice 3.1 Learning objectives
1.   Understand how to create an initial scene with appropriate objects and settings.
2.    Understand the use of camera markers.
    3. Understand the use of variables and arrays
4. Understand the use of control  statements

Project Schedule:
Project task
Start and End dates
Number of periods (40 min)
Project planning
24.07.13 to 25.07.13
1.Selection of the group

2.Selection of the topic
Task scheduling
26.07.13 to 31.07.13
Assignment of roles, drafting the project overview, discussion about the topic.
Fact collection and pre-project survey
01.08.13to 21.08.13
Collect relevant facts on the topic from sources such as textbook, the Internet and other books (library).
Collect the data from the garden near the houses and also from the school garden .discussion and drawing conclusion about the data collected.
Create the animation
22.08.13 to 11.09.13
Divide the group and assign the topic for animation.
Showcase the project
12.09.13 to18.09.13
Alice project presentation and PowerPoint presentation to the class
Assessment and Reflection
19.09.13 to 25.09.13
 Review  and reflection on the topic, documenting team members’ experience.

Team member’s experience

Pragya –(Class VII)
When I first got to know that I was doing this project I was very happy and excited for doing this project. Our project was based on pollination in peril; it was the most unique projects of all. First, when we thinking upon the topic, it was very difficult to think something on pollination that we had to present in ALICE. Finally we got an idea of how to do the project. We not only done an ALICE project we have also done a 'power point presentation.' I have also learnt many things upon pollination that I didn’t even know before, I also thank Rajasree ma'am for choosing me in this project. 

Kulsoom (Class VII)
My experience in ALICE: I had a great experience in ALICE. We all distributed our work so that we could complete it in time. I enjoyed working with ALICE.

Aditi (Class VII)

 My experience was nice I was happy when our guide selected me. We did some discussions. While we were doing our project we had more fun. After our project was a success we were happy. We thank our guide to give us an opportunity.

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