Sunday, September 29, 2013

Inculcating values through story time

Project Start and End date: 22nd Jul 2013 to 16th Sept 2013
Type of project:  Developing listening skills
Class: VI
Teacher: Pushpa D Hegde
Team members: Ankit, Devarath
Overview of the project:

Listening to the bed time stories have become outdated to these tech-savvy children.  Our grandmothers used to narrate stories with good voice modulation which make us imagine a vague figure of the character of the story.  Now the characters are different and stories may also differ but inculcating the values in the minds of young learners is the same.  By using attractive animated characters, how the greedy dragon steals the goats and eats one after the other without realizing the consequence of eating more quantity at a time.  Later the greedy dragon realizes that one should not be greedy.  Through this story, my team members made the listener see and understand that let’s not be greedy for anything. Similarly one more story about sharing in caring.
Why Alice has been chosen?
The kindergarten children of this era get fascinated by animated pictures.  We do get many CD’s in the market but the stories and the characters are the same old ones.  In Alice they get totally different characters with 3 dimensions and here they enjoy different stories though the moral remains the same.  The eye-catchy animated pictures in ALICE make them go crazy to watch again and again.

This project tries to explore the topic and present the facts in a fun and engaging way. The students will enhance their technical, analytical and social skills through the project.
Learning objectives:

Subject Learning objectives
1.    Understand how value can be inculcated.
2.    Know how the dragon reaches to herd of the goats and steal one after the other.
3.    Understand the characters used in the story
4.    Understand the moral value that lies in the story.
5.    Know the facts related to real man’s life story.
Alice 3.1 Learning objectives
1.    Understand how to create an initial scene with appropriate characters and settings.
2.    Understanding the use of procedural abstraction.
3.    Understand the use of variables and arrays.
4.    Understand how to accept and process user input through “functions”.
5.    Understand how to manipulate objects through keyboard input and mouse input.
Project Schedule:

Project task
Start and End dates
Number of periods (40 min)
Project planning
23.07.13 to 29.07.13
Selection of group, topic
Task scheduling
30.07.13 to 05.08.13
Assignment of roles, drafting the project overview, discussion of deliverables, creating a scenario
Fact collection and pre-project survey
06.08.13 to 12.08.13
Conduct a survey among the students of the class about their existing knowledge on the topic. Collect relevant facts on the topic from sources such as story books,  the Internet and other books (library).
Create the animation
13.08.13 to 02.09.13
Divide the project among the group and create the animation.
Showcase the project
03.09.13 to 09.09.13
Alice project presentation and PowerPoint presentation to the Pre-Primary Class
Assessment and Reflection
10.09.13 to 16.09.13
Q & A session on the topic, documenting team members’ experience. Evaluation, reflection and analysis of the project by the team members.

List of ALICE characters taken to make the stories attractive:

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