Sunday, September 29, 2013

Team name:Spectrum
Project Start and End date: 22nd Jul 2013 to 21stSept 2013
Type of project: Science (Physics)
Class: VII
Teacher:B. Sowjanya
Team members:Gagan, Sajotha, Sanjana, Sowparnika
Overview of the project:
Energy is of central importance in physics. It is impossible to give a comprehensive definition of energy because of the many forms it may take, but the most common definition is that it is the capacity of a system to perform work.

TheENERGY is designed to capture student interest and increase their understanding of essential science content as it pertains to light energy. ENERGY is designed to help seventh graders achieve the following objectives:

Learning objectives:
Subject Learning objectives

1.             Create awareness about energy types and its characteristics.
2.             To explain that forms of energy.
3.             To explain that light energy affects the amount of light energy that is absorbed and reflected.
4.             To understand the source of light

Alice 3.1 Learning objectives

1.   To comprehend how to create an initial scene with appropriate objects and settings.
2.   Understanding the use of procedural abstraction.
3.   Understand the use of variables and arrays.
4.   Understand how to accept and process user input through “functions”.
5.   Understand how to manipulate objects through keyboard input and mouse input.

Project Schedule:
Project task
Start and End dates
Number of periods (40 min)
Project planning
23.07.13 to 29.07.13
Selection of group, topic
Task scheduling
30.07.13 to 05.08.13
Assignment of roles, drafting the project overview, discussion of deliverables, creating a scenario
Fact collection and pre-project survey
06.08.13 to 12.08.13
Conduct a survey among the students of the class about their existing knowledge on the topic. Collect relevant facts on the topic from sources such as textbook, the Internet and other books (library).
Create the animation
13.08.13 to 02.09.13
Divide the project among the group and create the animation.
Showcase the project
03.09.13 to 09.09.13
Alice project presentation and PowerPoint presentation to the class
Assessment and Reflection
10.09.13 to 16.09.13
Q & A session on the topic, documenting team members’ experience. Evaluation, reflection and analysis of the project by the team members.

References and Resources:
NCERT Text books

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