Saturday, October 19, 2013

Stacking game

Type of project: Simple game using keyboard controls
Class: VII
Teacher: Nalini Ujre
Project by: Oishika Ganguly
Overview of the project:

Students were asked to create a simple game in Alice which uses keyboard controls. They have to use the various skills that they have learnt in Alice such as positioning objects precisely, using various procedures/functions, keyboard controls, camera movement etc. to create the game. Students took up the project enthusiastically and one such project is showcased here.

This is the classic game played by young children where rings are stacked on top of each other with the largest ring on the bottom and the smallest on top. The user stacks these rings by pressing the keys on the keyboard (R for red ring, W for white ring etc.)

Alice 3.1 Learning objectives
1.   Understand how to create an initial scene with appropriate objects and settings.
2.   Understanding the use of procedural abstraction.
3.   Understand the use camera markers.
4.   Understand how to manipulate objects through keyboard input.

Project Schedule:

Project task
Start and End dates
Number of periods (40 min)
Project planning
13.08.13 to 20.08.13
Topic selection
Project execution
21.08.13 to 03.09.13
Create the game
Showcase the project
03.09.13 to 09.09.13
Alice project presentation and PowerPoint presentation to the class.
Documenting experience. Evaluation, reflection and analysis of the project

Evaluation Rubric for Student Presentations:

Assessment criteria
1.      Creating an initial scene
2.      Programming in Alice
3.      Keyboard and mouse control, procedural abstraction
4.      Creativity
5.      Powerpoint presentation on the project
Max Marks

 Student’s experience

My name is Oishika Ganguly. My aim was to create a game using Alice 3.1for pre-schoolers. The overall experience of creating this game was a new and interesting one. An issue that I had was that I was unable to create a global variable for my torus aka rings. My teachers and I are currently working on creating a successful variable.

This was a very enjoyable experience and I look forward to creating more Alice projects.


  1. Great work BGS NPS. Thanks to Oracle and CBSE

  2. Children are great and the Teachers who trained them are greatest.