Friday, October 18, 2013

Diamond Detectives

Topic: Tracking the Kohinoor diamond
Project Start and End date: 22nd Jul 2013 to 16th Sept 2013
Type of project: Social Science
Class: VII
Teacher: Nalini Ujre
Team members: Tejas suresh, Adithya R Pai, Lakshminarayan, Raghunandan D. R., Abhinav Mohanty
Project Overview :
Our Topic is Kohinoor Diamond of India                           
Our animation shows how the diamond  passed from one king to another. And how a historian writes a written account by collecting information from various people.
We have chosen this topic because Kohinoor Diamond  is an important  jewel of India.
In this Project we have shown how the diamond was found , how it went from one king to another  and finally how did it go to England.
We obtained a lot of information on the Kohinoor while doing our research and animation.
This project is targeted student of  Classes 6-8
ALICE provides all the props we required to make our project.
 All the procedures ,facilities and  and the settings were  availible.
It is a 3D animation software which we required for our project.
It is easy to animate the program.

Our team’s experience working on Alice3.1

Adithya:  I had an amazing experience working with ALICE. At first I had totally got confused on what I had to do but all went well. ThIs helped me to spend my free time in a nice way. I also learned making quizzes, variables, etc. It also gave me more information about my topic Kohinoor Diamond. I thank this school for thinking I am capable of doing these things. I specially thank my teachers for giving me this opportunity.

Tejas: It was really fun! We did a project in history based on the Kohinoor diamond; we just managed to complete it in time! And in the end, it was a grand success!! I enjoyed this project very much and this project taught about how to work as a team and also taught us how to work nder pressure.

Abhinav: My experience through this ALICE CBSE Project has been exhilarating. Our group from class 7 D (Tejas Suresh, Adithya R Pai, P.Lakshmi Narayan and Raghunandan D.R) chose the topic Kohinoor diamond. This taught us a lot about teamwork and being a team. Each of us made a different scene and in the end we merged all together. My job was to create a scene telling the audience about the history of the Kohinoor diamond from the mid 16th century to present. My characters were a young historian and an old historian. I recorded my voice in two different ways, playing the voice of these two characters. I learnt many new things, while working with ALICE.I tried out new procedure, got everything in place and ended up creating a huge 2.4 MB file (with sound recording). We ended up editing it. I faced many problems such as errors, bugs, etc. Through the last 2 months of utter enjoyment I had lots of fun creating my project and look forward to doing it again 1 year later in the 8th standard.

Lakshminarayan: This is my experience in the ALICE project. Our topic was about ‘the Kohinoor diamond of India’. I felt it very interesting to make a project based on the diamond. My part in the animation was about the knowledge which the Historian 3 knew. While doing the research on my part, I learnt many new things based on the diamond. It took me nearly 4 days to find the information and start my project. In the start I faced problems in doing the animation because I was not thorough with my information.  After some time I got a hang of it. I started working faster. My friends were also doing well. It took me nearly 3 weeks to complete my project. Thanks to my subject teachers who let us do our project. I also stayed back in school for some days to complete my project. We also had to prepare our Power Point Presentation .I took the in charge to do it .So I asked my friends how to go about it. Quickly I started my PPT and started working on it. In about 7 days I completed my PPT. I showed it to my friends and they liked it. Once it was completely done I showed it to our teacher. He liked it very much. This was my wonderful experience in doing this project.

Raghunandan: Our project was about the Kohinoor Diamond. It was how the Kohinoor Diamond went from one king to another. I was doing the part of the Historian 4 who tells about how the Diamond went from Babur to Ala-ud-din Khilji. I was so exited in the starting because I did not know much about Alice and did not have the information about my topic. So my friend Tejas Suresh helped me in doing this project and at last I finished my project and I learnt so much about the Kohinoor Diamond and I enjoyed a lot doing Alice.

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